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iPad/Recording vocal and keyboard with ipad?



Could you pls advise how I can do this?

I would like to sing, backed by my Yamaha keyboard. Then how can I record it into the iPad mini?

Apart from the microphone, which hardware (audio interface, etc) should I buy to accomplish this task?

My sincere thanks,

ANSWER: Liam Its pretty easy. You are going to want to get a high quality mic made just for the idevices.  I will incude a link to a good mic,you will have to buy a 30 pin adapter to lighting adapter though. Once you get a good mic,just download apples garage band app for the ipad and thats all,you can record the sound right on your ipad.

Please remember a piano is harder to record on any device because of its acoustics so go with the best mic you can afford.

Heres the link for the mic:

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Thanks a lot.

Why do I need to buy the 30 pin adapter to lighting adapter ?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Depending on the mic you get the mic may have the old 30 pin connector vs the new lighting cable. So you may have to ge the adapter to use the mic.

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One last question. Can I buy this adapter? I don't know if it is the correct one.

Thank you.

I wouldn't recommend it. Buy an apple adapter,apple actually has authorization chips in every cable/adapter for the new iOS devices. Basically at any time apple could disable all third party accessories if they wanted to,plus a lot of people are having problems with 3rd party unauthorized cables and accessories. Just spend the extra money and get an apple product so you know you will have no problem.  


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