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QUESTION: Hi Taylor, what is the difference between say the blackberry playbook
(or perhaps an ipad) and the Kindle Fire HD ?  Does one do more than the
other?  Is the Kindle Fire just for those who read books?  Doesn't the
ipad, or blackberry playbook, also download books to read?  They both
seem to play movies and use wi-fi.  What is the big difference between
the Kindle Fire HD and other tablets?  Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Andee, Thats a very good question! Let me first get out of the way I dont know much about the blackberry playbook so I cant help you much what I do know about it is the specs are very low and the OS is kinda akward. I just did a quick search and it seems they are hard to come by (amazon had 1 in stock) which means they could be releasing a new model soon.

Now for the Kindle fire and ipad,they are very great systems The kindle fire runs android os and you can install apps amazon releases. You do NOT have the google play store so you cant install your favorite apps if you have another android device.

The ipad on the other hand offers thousands and thousands of apps made just for the ipad. The OS is optimized for the system so you will barely see any hick ups or lag. I use an ipad mini myself, I find the size perfect compared to my ipad 2 and nexus 7.

What do you like to use your tablet for?  If you like playing games and listen to music and have the extra money go with the ipad hands down. If you want something a little less money and dont want all the bells and whistles look at the kindle.

Another thing I like with apple is the warranty you get with ALL of their products. No one else has it where you can bring your device to the store and have it fixed or replaced on the spot.

If you have any more questions of still need help deciding please feel free to ask.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for such a quick reply, Taylor!  I don't know anything about the ipads.  I did
see a blackberry playbook at Radio Shack for $199, wondered why it was such a low price,  and I was planning to get a Kindle Fire HD as I saw it on tv and it seemed to do everything. But they mentioned Amazon a lot, and downloading books, and I wondered if that was it's main feature and what it was basically for - maybe something the others didn't do. I play games on Pogo, I use email and just surf
the web, I suppose if I got the Kindle I would buy books from Amazon.  I don't
watch a lot of movies or listen to music so I don't care much about that. Why do
you like your ipad so much, what do you use it mostly for?  Can you give me an idea
what kind of ipad I might want and what the cost should be?  Thanks again!

No problem, the play book is basically obsolete in my eyes. There's only a few devs that write for it and its just dead in my opinion. The kindle was originally ment just for books,that's all it did but people wanted more and then they came out with the fire. It's basically still ment for reading books plus you can do the extra thing or two.

Now for the ipad you can download the kindle app to download kindle books ;)

I love the ipad because you can basically do everything on this bad boy, I use this more than my computer because I can carry it around with me,hold it with one hand and it doesn't get hot like a laptop would. Plus any app or game you could imagine it would be on the ipad because its such a popular device.

Well it all depends on your personality, I have the ipad 2 which is almost 10 inches and I have the ipad mini which is around 8 inches. I love both of them,I'm actually typing back to you on my ipad two. I prefer my ipad mini a little bit more because its much lighter and is just easier to handle. Now if your doing a lot of typing like I am now an regular ipad will do better because the keyboard is bigger and easier to type on. I recommend going to an apple or bestbuy store and comparing the models yourself.

A mini will cost you around $329 where an ipad 2 will cost you 399 and the newest gen ipad will cost you 499.

Again I have nothing bad against android devices or anything heck I own an android phone over an iPhone. But I believe something for you an ipad would do you the best because as you adapt the ipad can two.

Another thing to think of is look at the accessories available for the ipad,you have rows and rows of ipad stuff but only a shelf or two for other branded items. That also helped me choose what I buy.

Again if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'm sorry if I missed anything, their is a nasty thunder storm around som I'm multitasking right now. Lol  


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