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QUESTION: Should I turn off my iPad every night? Will my iPad last longer if I do that?

ANSWER: Jason,no your do not have to turn off the iPad at night. In fact the iPads are ment to be on all the time. This will not change the status of your battery at all.

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QUESTION: I heard if you don't turn off the iPad every so often it will over time cause glitches. Is that true?

ANSWER: It will free up used ram when restarting any computer device. As long as you have the latest version of iOS you really don't have to restart your device. I have only restarted my devices when it's installing new software and have no problems what so ever.

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QUESTION: Last 2 questions. Will turning off my iPad every night hurt the iPad? Is it possible to overcharge the iPad?

Hurt or not really. But leaving it on allows the system to check itself,run back ups,etc that's why it's advisable to leave the device on. And no you can't overcharge the device. The devices cut power to them once it's charged and once the voltage drops a bit it starts charging again,that's why you can sometimes notice your phone dropping to 99% even being plugged in while using the device.  


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