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Hi, I am currently using the iPod Touch 5th Generation. I have a phone through US Cellular which, as you may know, does not carry the iPhone. The phone I have has texting but I hate the format I have. I rather use the wifi at home to text using my AIM account on my iPod. I was wondering if you knew of any apps where It allows me to use my current US Cellular phone number to text people using my iPod from the app. So when people get my texts, it says my number instead of some username or email address. If you can try researching or if you know of anything, I'd be very happy to hear. I have tried researching but I cant find any information for apps that allow you to enter a phone number you currently have on another device.

Hi Nathan -

There isn't any application where you can send texts to people and make it appear that you are texting from your cellphone (i.e., where your wireless number displays instead of your email address or user name). The only way to do this is to actually text from your cell phone. I'm sure that you know that you can text other Apple users from your iPod Touch using iMessages but if the people you text aren't Apple users, then you are back to your original dilemma. Unfortunately, at least for those times when you are not at home or on the iPod Touch on WiFi, you really don't have any choice but to use that texting on your cell phone. Wish that I had another way to do this, but I'm not aware of any other way. Thanks so much.  


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