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iPhone/Iphone Prepaid??


I just got an unlocked Iphone 4s (no carrier) No sim
Can I get a contract for it?? and Can I use prepaid for it??
Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: If you currently have service with your local carrier  and its GSM you can put the SIM into the iPhone and use it. Keep in mind you needs data plan and its not likely you will be able to use it prepaid. But to be sure check with your carrier.

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QUESTION: but the thing is that i have no carrier!!

CARRIER: Not Available!

Okay, so in order to use the iPhone, you will need to start service with a carrier who has GSM service and uses iPhones on their network. There are no prepaid SIMs for iPhones that I am aware of. You will need to pick a carrier who sells iPhones and ask them to start service for you using the iPhone you have. Provided they sell iPhones, they wont' have an issue with you using your own iPhone. You will need to get postpaid service with a voice and data plan to use the iPhone. I hope this helps.  


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