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QUESTION: I bought an iphone from the want ads in my area. The carrier is sprint. The girl took her sims card out, when i purchased it. When i got home, i turned it on, and it is still activated, it is still receiving her calls and messages. How is this possible ?? Can i some how deactivate it, and can it be switched to an att contract ??  thank  you for your help.

ANSWER: That is weird,I can understand text messages as it could be using iMessage which uses wifi. But calls is new to me. Go to settings,general,then reset. Select reset all settings and it will make it like a brand new phone.

Unfortunatly if it's a sprint phone you can't bring it to AT&T as they run on different networks. AT&T is GSM and sprint is CDMA.

Hope this helps if you have any more questions please let me know.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your quick response. I reset all settings. It is still making and receiving calls. It says, carrier is sprint , and network Extended. What does extended mean ? I thought that, CDMA phones did not have a sims card , this has a sims tray . ?? Thanks, Robyn

Regular CDMA phones dont have SIMs but iphone has a one type design so they have sims for all.

Try this,Plug your phone into itunes and click restore and do not restore from back up that should clear it all up.

If your still having issues you will have to call sprint and have them wipe the phone off their end as its still activating the old account.  

I do want to advise you that if the person you bought the phone from calls sprint because she's having problems or what not she or sprint can black list your new iphone and it will never work as a phone ever again. So I would try to get this taken care of as soon as you can.  


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