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iPhone/iPhone 3 Dies


I have an old iPhone 3. When about half charged it will suddenly die and have to be hard botted to restart.

Would this be a battery issue? Easy fix? It recharges without any issues.

Yes, I could replace but why if it works.



John,it could be the battery or it could be the power board in the phone. Usually if the battery has a problem it just won't charge or won't hold a charge. When you say the phone does it sounds to me there is some sort of short causing the phone to turn itself off to prevent damage. I would try another USB cable and or another charger also. Try another plug too.

If it still does that I would take it into a apple store or a phone store and have them look at the phone. Apple will look at it for free and at least tell you what's wrong with it. You can replace the battery but it will be a challenge finding a replacement battery and even then I can't say that will fix the problem.

Without actually seeing the device and testing the voltage and such this is the best I can do. Try whati mentioned above because thats what I would think it is. Let me know if you need any more help.


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