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Hi! I tutor kids and let them use my iphone5 to play games on . I have apps on my phone though that i do not want them to see . Is there a way without jailbreaking my iphone that i can lock specific folders that contain apps without locking entire phone . if i could lock specific apps instead of folders of apps that would also be great. for jailbroken iphones they have on cydia an app called applocker that accomplishes this nicely but i do not want to jailbreak my iphone5 .
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks ,


John as of right now there is no way of doing that on the iPhone. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is currently not available to be able to jailbreak either. The iPad on the other hand does have an app lock native to ios 6 but it's more for enterprise users and requires login creditianls.

My best reccomedation is taking all the apps you don't want the kids to see and put them in a folder and move it to one of the last pages.

Sorry I couldn't be much of help.  


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