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QUESTION: Hi, I am like can At&t or T-mobile locked contract iphone 5s which costs $199 16 gb can work in India? Can it be unlocked in India and I can use it on any carrier? Please help.

ANSWER: In order to get the phone unlocked you must pay the full price of the phone which will be around 600 US dollars. The phone should work as the 5S supports most networks. Best thing I can say is if the network you are trying to put the phone on sells iPhones then you are probably safe with putting an unlocked iPhone on that network. If your network does not sell iPhone then you more than likely run into problems with not have data on your phone or visual voicemail or cell service at all. Hope this helps,let me know if you need any more help.

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QUESTION: No not buying paying price I mean if I can unlock it from local store or jailbreak it?

The only way a local store will be able to unlock the phone for you is if you pay the full price for the phone. The way you can buy the phone for the 199 is the carrier takes a hit on the price but so they can sell the phone for the subsidized pricing but they make their money back with the 2 year contract they lock you into. So you will either need to finish your contract in FULL to be eligible to have your phone unlocked or pay the full price.

As of right now iOS 7 CANT be jailbroken and the iPhone 5S has a lot of security measures in place to block jailbreaking. I would not expect a jailbreak any time in the near future.  


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