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iPhone/apple product as router history


QUESTION: I'm aware the iPhone is your area of expertise but when it comes to this, the iphone and Ipad are the exact same.

I am currently using my ipad as a wifi router. Is there any way someone could see what I'm doing without looking at the ipad itself? perhaps through the phone company? or through the bill?

ANSWER: When you say your using your ipad as a wireless router are you referring to using it as a mobile hotspot? If so what carrier are you on?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: at&t and I mean the thing where you go into settings and make it so that you can use the phone/tablet as a wireless router. Thats what you mean by mobile hotspot right? so can someone see what I'm doing in a log or something?

Gotcha,yea thats called the "hotspot" feature. And yes ATT can see what websites you view. They cant see actually what webpage you see but it shows up as an IP address. So ATT cant see your viewing allexperts but instead will see an IP address of the website which is not hard to see what the IP address is for. They do log all your sessions and monitor your usage to make sure you dont abuse the data or doing illegal things on the web. If your worried about your username and passwords don't worry about that as they cant see that, most websites use secure logins such as SSL or HTTPS which encrypts your username and data so no one can see it.

So in general yes ATT can see what your doing but so can any other ISP company.

Hope this helps,if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.  


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