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We have a new iPhone and beginners with computers and cell technology.  The computer is running windows 7.  We installed new itunes software and purchased songs from itunes store.   They immediately sync'd (?) and were playable from iPhone.

We are wondering if we put other music into iTunes that we did not purchase from iTunes store, will it also sync (?)   or is it a problem if the music is not purchased from iTunes store?

We have hundreds of CDs in our collection and would like to have some of this music on new iPhone.

Thank you!

Martha,welcome to the world of apple. Any music from CD's will work no problem. When you put the music in your computer it should ask how you want your music to be played just select iTunes and inside iTunes it will give you an option to "RIP" the songs to iTunes. Any thing that's in your iTunes library will go onto your device. The only files that won't work are files that have DRM which is a copyright protection which you won't have a problem with because your copying your music right from your CD collection. I recommend when copying your CD choose the highest quality,you will get great sound the only downside is it does equal out to be a bigger file so it's up to you.

If you have any more questions about anything on your idevice please feel free to ask!  


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