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i cant use my GPS . whenever i turn on location Services and open maps ..then my phone goes in Air plane mode ..it turn off all signals including Sim and WiFi .then i turn off gps .. it comes back .

please tell me how to fix ???

ANSWER: I would need to know what type of phone you have and how old it is and who your carrier is. Did you get the phone from your carrier or via a friend or on line and did it belong to someone else and was it flashed from another carrier? Thanks.

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QUESTION: Its iPhone 3GS . GPS was working Before .. but i dont know what happend .. its not GPS Problem .. its in software or something that i cant figure out ..
there must be a way to fix this ??

Thanks for the info. If it worked before and then stopped, then it is most likely due to an application that was installed that is interfering with the GPS application. You can try wiping the phone completely and starting over. This would eliminate all these applications and should help get your GPS working again. GPS doesn't typically have issues unless something is interfering with it. There isn't really software, per se, that controls the GPS that way unless you installed a specific GPS type of software that is taking the place of the default GPS. I hope this helps. Did you flash jailbreak the phone or is it a phone that is associated with a carrier that you are using with that specific carrier? if it is jailbroken, that may also be the issue. Thanks.


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