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iPhone/AT&T iPhone 3GS taken to net 10


Ok so I couldn't afford my AT&T plan so I went to net 10 and ever since my phone operates extremely slow. Most of the time I'm connected to wifi when using it but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I pointed this out to the tech at net 10 and he said it would get faster but it never has. It's been a yr now. I'm sick of it! I'm kind of stuck tho its the cheapest. I can't afford a new phone. Any ideas why it's loads pages so slow. Also when opening certain apps like google or FB it takes like 30 sec before you can so anything and often crashes and I get the home screen again. I've tried deleting the apps and reinstalling and I have turned the phone off and on.. No change.

Hi Kim! Your problem has nothing to do with Net 10 but the phone itself. The phone was considered blazing fast when apple released it with its version of iOS but as technology advanced so did iOS that required more resources from the phone which the 3GS does not have that is why apple stopped support for that device since its maxed out on what it can do. My ipad 2 has slowed down a lot since I upgraded it to iOS 7 but it was perfectly fine on iOS 6.  Sadly there is not much you can do besides getting a new device. I would recommend at least an iphone 4S as the iphone 4 is also pretty sluggish.  

Im sorry I could help much,If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Have a great night!  


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