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My wife was given an iphone w Verizon.  

She went out and bought a Net10 card.  Of course, on the packaging, it said for at&t or t-mobile GSM phones.  Net10 is saying it needs unlocking.

Apple said they cant do that.  Verizon said they cant do that.  Best buy said they cant do that.

Net10 says the $50 card is non-refundable.

I guess I'm asking, can this phone ever be used with Net10? and how?  Thanks, John

This phone can never be used with Net10. I would suggest putting the card on eBay and trying to sell it.  If your wife wants to use the iPhone, get service directly from Verizon.  That's your only option to use the device, I'm afraid. Whenever you buy a GSM iphone, it can only be used with that carrier. Hope that helps. M


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