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iPhone/How to return an iphone to the true when you only have the imei


QUESTION: Hi so for my Christmas/birthday present my mom bought an iphone 4s off of one of her "friends" for $150, the friend was supposedly upgrading to an iphone 5. So after I myself sank 70 dollars into it buying another sim tray, case, screen protectors, and contracting with At&t I find out it is stolen and I can't use it. I want to return it to the owner, who most likely has received another phone, and maybe buy it legally off them for the 150 (which I haven't gotten back yet); but I only have the IMEI code, I don't want to give it in to apple who would just keep it themselves, or to the police just yet as I do want to try to get the phone off the owner, 200+ has been spent on it already. Any help, or ideas thanks.

ANSWER: Scott,Im sorry Im not really following what you exactly need help on. Once the IMEI number has been registered as stolen the phone is done for,you cant take it off the black list except for who ever called it in.

If you can explain a little more in detail on what you need help on I will be sure to do my best in helping you. Thanks!

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QUESTION: Sorry, what I want to do is contact the true owner, and tell them I have their phone, and maybe see if I could legally buy it off them, and have them take it off the blacklist, cause they most likely have another phone by now, but the only trace I have of them is the imei id. Is there any way i could use this id to contact them

Ahh,I see. Unfortunately no there is no way of finding out who the phone belongs to, Due to privacy laws the carrier cant exchange any information to you about who the phone belongs to. You can check with the police to see if thier has been a police report but they will take the phone from you. Its basically in that black hole where once its in there its not coming out. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.  


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