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iPhone/iPhone with Virgin Mobile?


Hi DebiN,
I use Virgin Mobile Cell service but am looking to upgrade to an iPhone. I would really like to get an iPhone, but they are so expensive if you buy directly from Virgin Mobile. If I buy a used "unlocked" iphone on ebay or craigslist, or I buy an iPhone and pay someone to unlock it, will I be able to use it on Virgin Mobile? Everyone I talk to about this seems to have a different opinion and I am really hoping for a clear answer so I can fully understand my options before making an investment.

You would only be able to use a 4g CDMA iPhone with Virgin Mobile. The price is $349.00. If you purchased a 4g iPhone that had been set up for Virgin and was less than $349, that would be the way to go. Otherwise if would have to be from Verizon or Sprint and only a 4g and it would have to be jail broken and then flashed to Virgin.  I'm not sure how simple that would be but I would have to think when all was said and done, it would likely cost you the same if not more than paying Virgin the $349. And if you get it from Virgin you get a 12 month warranty. Wen it comes to iPhones, I would always recommend buying one brand new and from your carrier or Apple only. Hope this helps.  


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