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Hi Taylor,
I use Virgin Mobile Cell service but am looking to upgrade to an iPhone. I would really like to get an iPhone, but they are so expensive if you buy directly from Virgin Mobile. If I buy a used "unlocked" iphone on ebay or craigslist, or I buy an iPhone and pay someone to unlock it, will I be able to use it on Virgin Mobile? Everyone I talk to about this seems to have a different opinion and I am really hoping for a clear answer so I can fully understand my options before making an investment.

Jamie, Unfortunately Virgin mobile requires you to have a Virgin mobile iphone to be able to use the phone on their network. This is because Virgin gets their money first from the iphone purchase and thats how you can pay lower monthly payments for your cell bill. Unlike ATT, Verizon,sprint etc, they give you the iphone at a subsidize cost but you get locked into a 2 year contract and they make the money of the phone bill you pay for 2 years!

You want to be careful buying unlocked cell phones now as it is now illegal to unlock your phone early before your contract ends,Big companies like ATT can still unlock your phone for you but most people try to unlock the phone themselves and can result in a "Bricked" non working phone if congress decides to go after the unlocking companies.

Hopefully this helps and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask!  


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