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iPhone/iPhone 4 Mail App Problem (and SLOWWW)


Hi Taylor,

I have an iphone 4 (8GB). My main problem is that my iPhone e-mail app has quit working. I don't know what the problem is. I'm not the most tech-savvy person on earth, but I know the iphone fairly well.

One problem that MAY be an issue, is that I'm still using (don't laugh) 'MSN' as my e-mail provider. I've had it for MANY YEARS, and I just don't want to have to notify EVERY contact, every newsletter (LOTS!!), etc. to give them my new address. I have so many billing accts, such as eBay, PayPal, social networks, etc.. with my current, long-time MSN address.

I'm pretty sure that all of the POP/Port, etc. settings are correct. I haven't touched them. I've been accessing my acct just fine for a LONG TIME. (I have only 1-line preview, only 25 messages at a time, not but a few folders, & 'non-Push' set. (I DO have a LOT of mail on the servers, though - but NOT on the phone).

Another prob. that might be the cause, is that my phone has, for the longest time, been SUPER-SLOW. It just creeps - everything does.

When I've used my son's iPhone 4, I barely have to touch the screen, and it's SO responsive & fast. With mine, it seems like you have to push down harder on the screen, and THEN it's STILL so slow!

I reboot often (soft & <periodically hard> reboots; I don't have an excessive no. of apps; I keep Safari's cache clean regularly (not too often as not to benefit from the cache); I don't have too many pics/videos - & have about 4-5GB free.

I have Bluetooth, Location Services, & most ALL notifications, etc. disabled. I even often close out a lot of RAM-intensive running programs.

After doing those things (cleaning caches in browsers, hard-closing big-RAM progs, rebooting, and all that, it DOES seem faster, but that is very short-lived.
(My son says that he hardly ever does all that, & his is still real fast (same exact specs as mine - iPh4 - 8GB).

The battery 'drains' normally, I just don't know what is causing it to be so slow!

ANY suggestions that you could give me, I would GREATLY appreciate!!

Thank you Taylor,

Becky Fawcett

PS - I DO have a WHOLE LOT of text-conversations (no video) - some VERY LONG. Should I delete these 'conversations' for speed??

Also: I don't use Skype or anything like that; & also, I'm with ATT Wireless. I use WiFi, though, to access Net whenever poss.


Becky as far as your email what type of error message are you getting? Can you check your mail on the computer?

As far as your speed there can be a number of things wrong, mainly the ios operating system, if you are running ios 6 that could be causing the slow down. It affects some phones more than others. Bascailly it's new software running on older hardware. My old iPhone 4 was slow after updating also. It could also be the phones memory could be failing also. It could be a number of things. But on the safe side I would put some money away on the side just in case you have to update to a new phone.

Hope that helper you with the speed problem, let me know about the email and I can help you out. Have a great day!  


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