Hello, we'd appreciate an advice on the best budget smartphone and maybe the best budget plan. We have not owned a smartphone before and overall we don't call or text much at all (maybe 1-2 calls a week). And now we are looking to get a smartphone for 3 people in the family. Our son would probably use it a little more to look up things or to listen to some music, but it wouldn't be a heavy use for two of us. Thanks!

Alex,What network are you on?

If you have ATT, they do have the iPhone 4 which will be free with a 2 year agreement. Or the 4S which would be 99 dollars with a 2 year activation or the iPhone 5 which is the newest iPhone which would be 199 on a 2 year agreement.

I recommend getting the iPhone 5 or the 4S since they have the newer hardware which will support new features when apple launches iOS 7 this summer. Also when new apps come out the older devices cant run them due to hardware limitations. Thats why I recommend the newest devices you can afford.

Now as far as billing goes that depends on if you can get discounts. If you work for a large corporation or a school you may qualify for a small percentage discount. I would check with your cell company.

Also since you will be having multiple line I would look into the mobile family data share plan. (I will be speaking of ATT plan since I have this plan,Verizon does have this plan to but I cant tell you much info as I dont have their service). With the mobile share plan you will get a clump of data which starts at 5 gigs a month and everyone pulls from that data the best part is you get unlimited text,calls,and get free hotspot which means you can connect a tablet or computer to your phone which will give that device internet.

Now as far as carriers I recommend ATT or Verizon. Look at who has the better service in your area. If its about the same I recommend ATT. You can talk on the phone and surf the web,which you cant do on Verizon. ATT also has better LTE speeds.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask,I know looking at smartphones for the first time can be scary. If you are interested in android I can also help especially with the new Galaxy S4.

Have a great weekend!  


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