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iPhone/Charging 8-Hours first charge?


QUESTION: Hi, I just got a new/refurbished iPhone 4S today ( not sure which one) and the person serving me said to charge it for 8 hours when I get home. I read online that this was true for old phones such as the old Nokia phones but I'm wondering if this is true for iPhones as I read they stop charging when they reach 100% and all that.

So I'm wondering if I have to charge it for 8 hours when I first get it.


ANSWER: Noel, You do not have to charge the iphone for 8 hours. Once the iphone is completely charged and the charging indicator shows its charged you can take it off the charger. Once fully charged the iphone will stop supply power to the battery so its even safe to leave the phone on the charger overnight.

Hope this helps,if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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QUESTION: Hi, thanks for your quick reply. It was really quick.

However, I came across this answer from wikianswers. It looks like it makes sense but I can't exactly get the meaning of the answer. The answer is here and if you could read it and explain to me what it means, I would be really grateful.


That is to help calibrate the battery meter for the phone. You do that about once a month to get a accurate battery percent. I never do mine because it only gets the percent +/- 2 percent of the real reading.

iOS is extremely intelligent and knows when the battery is charge and when to stop charging the battery. The batteris that come in the iphone are lithium ion battery that do not build up battery memory. So once they are charged they are charged.

In fact there have been some reports of the battery actually exploding from staying on the charger to long. (you can keep it on over night just not for days)

Hope this helps


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