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This should be pretty straightforward.

I just got a new PC (windows 8), and I want to know how to transition my iphone 4s into sycning with this computer vs my old one (which I still have). When I sync with my old computer, I think I back it up to my hdd and not icloud, but I'm not really sure. I haven't checked in a while. I have all my music already on my new computer, but everything else (contacts, messages, calendars, etc) are on my phone, and I'd like to get all that info transferred to my new computer. I suppose some of that info is still on my old computer (like the calenders) but this is a new version of office (i use outlooks), and im not really sure how to make the transfer without losing any info


The new Office shouldn't make any difference with your synching. Getting a new computer shouldn't affect that as the synching relates to your Outlook profile. If you only backed up to your old hard drive, in order to get your .pst file, you will have to get that off of your old computer or onto a separate hard drive. Then it's just a matter of getting that onto your new computer. My apologies if I didn't understand your question properly. Thanks.  


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