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iPhone/AT&T text retrieval


Hi, I'm confused about the discussions I have seen concerning whether AT&T keeps/provides text content if subpoenaed?  I have an important court matter relying upon text exchanges but they were deleted from my iPhone 5.  I have seen a CBS News article which states AT&T does not retain text content yet others report these are maintained. I so hope they can be obtained but I am ignorant on this topic.

Additionally, when conducting iPhone search many of the deleted texts show a few lines of some deleted texts - can these be retrieved from the phone?

Thank you so much for the help you provide!

Trish I must stay that I am not a lawyer and all my answers are to be taken as an unlawful matter.

Yes att does keep text messages and can be provided to the court if they are requested by a lawer. I would speak with your lawer on how to go about doing this. Now if you were texting someone with an iPhone and we're using imessage and they were deleted then there is nothing you can do. Once imessage have been deleted there is no way to get them back. Not even apple can retrieve them hence apple says imessage is the most secure way to text.

I hope this helps if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.  


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