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hi there, hello there, i need help writing out a advert in regards to my advert. My english is no polish. i need help on how to write a advert to put on ebay. Basically, i require some help and assistance in selling x4 iphone 4 complete in boxes with accessories and UNLOCKED. i purchased these iphones 4 devices back in February of 2012 for $400 from an estate agent whos cell phones contracts were due for an upgrade. this estate agent advertised these iphones on the ebay web site and i was the winning bidder.

now today, i was just clearing out a few cupboards and came across these iphones and the original invoice/receipt.

basically, i require your assistance here. how can i re-word the advert? what do i say? i plan on selling these handsets in singles/individually for around $200+ each so plenty of profit to be made!

so, can you help me out on what to include the advert description? all blackberrys are in good working order. all data has been wiped off!

please help re-word this advert.

i await your reply.

thank you.

$200 is way too much for an iPhone 4. People can get these devices for $0.00 from their carrier in the US. The 4S and 5 have already come out with the latest release due this year. You need to do what is best for you. Im not an expert in writing ebay adverts. My apologies in advance. Good luck though


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