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iPhone/iPhone 4s vs. iPhone5


Hello. I am considering getting either an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 5. I am curious as to the major differences in the two phones.

I will be buying the phone from verizon and there is a $200 increase from the 4s to the 5. Is the difference between the two phones really worth that price increase?

Are both phones good smartphones for some upgrading from a basic phone to a smartphone?

Any other info or advice you want to share about either phone would be welcomed. Thanks

My suggestion is to wait, if possible, until the new iPhone is available. Then, buy the iPhone 5. What is now $199.99 will likely be $99.99. There is a big difference between the 4S and the 5. The design of the device changed and the screen display, the camera, and most importantly this device works on the 4G network. I wouldn't buy a 4 at this point in time, if I were you. Hope this helps.


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