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iPhone/Next iPhone?


Hi there, I currently own an iPhone 4S. My contractnis due to end in early September 2013, but I don't when Apple refresh their lines? When do you think Apple will next refresh their lines, making it a good time for me to buy a new iPhone?

Would you be able to advise me on how much my iPhone 4S can be sold for?

Also when will the new iOS7 be officially be released so that it can downloaded on to other Apple devices?

Thank you. Craig.

No one knows in advance when Apple will release their latest iPhone. However, if my contract were up in September, without question, I would not buy a new iPhone until the new one is released. If I were to guess, I would say that somewhere around the time your contract is is up is when they will release a new device. Much better to wait, a week, a month or 4 months even until the new one is released. Just because your contract is up doesn't mean if you have to renew until you are ready. The contract continues month to month if you don't buy a new device. I would buy the new device whenever it's released or when our contract expires, but not before that time. Hope that helps.  


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