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iPhone/How to sell my iPhone 4S? Contract now expired.


Hello DebiN, my contract with my network provider has expired since yesterday. I need to get rid of this iPhone before any new iPhones are announced next month. I've had the iPhone 4S 16GB white since October 28th 2011.

Now I need help on how to advert my iPhone 4S. I would like to sell it on the eBay website. How do I word the advert? What words to I use? All accessories are included. Ear phones are unused. Still in original packaging.

Would you be able to provide me a adverbial example please?


I would recommend that you check some of the other advertisements for iPhones on eBay and craft yours similar to those. Be 100% certain that  you state who your carrier is and that the device is not jailbroken or unlocked. You would typically want to sell this to someone else who has the same wireless carrier. Be 100% sure to completely wipe your data off of the device and if it's a GSM device, be sure to also remove your SIM card. Be sure to tell people the accessories are included (indicate what they are) and be sure that the price you sell it for is reasonable for a device that is 2 years old. Most carriers are selling this device currently for free or $99.99. Though users have to get a 2 year agreement, a new device is typically more attractive than one that is two years old. However, if you find someone who needs a new device and still has time left on their contract, your device would be very attractive to them. I am not an expert in writing adverts, but I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks.  


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