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iPhone/3GS Issue #


Hi Taylor -

I just wrote you a long, very detailed question... but it somehow went away before I could finish. You MAY have gotten it (I wasn't even quite through with it).

So, either way, it's late, and I'm just going to give you an abbreviated/paraphrased, quick version of my question.

- I have a broken iPhone 3GS from 3-4 yrs ago. (Screen is intact but shattered - last time I turned it on, home screen came up, but would not respond to touch.)

- I told girl that I would let her have it. Told her battery may very well be dead.

- Before I give it to her, though, is there any way (since it won't respond to screen touch) that I can wipe it clean, or restore it back to factory - as if I had JUST bought it - no e-mail accounts, pics, videos, contacts, etc...ALL FILES COMPLETELY GONE!!!??

- Before I did THAT, though, is there any way that I could sync it, and get as many of my photos/videos/contacts, etc.. OFF of it as possible (with iTunes, or that "I-funbox" program - which is pretty good)??

- And what if the battery IS dead (I haven't even found it, yet - so I don't know), and she'll probably say that "she'll get another battery??" She's a close family friend, and I've already promised her the phone -- and THIS way without a working battery, I wouldn't be able to get any files off of it that I wanted, OR WIPE all (or ANY) of it, I don't guess. (??)

- I also don't know if AT&T (who it WAS with)or any of the other carriers would even activate such an old model - which is what she wants to do.

Do you have any suggestions for me?? (Mainly in wiping it clean - but also about retrieving MY old files, first?)

Thanks a lot!

Mike,She can replace the battery but it will cost a good chunk of change as someone will have to do it for her. I recommend ifixyouri. They are a great company that you can send in your phone or they have stores all around the US.

Best thing I can say is plug the phone into itunes and see if you can back up the phone that way and use your program to copy your pictures and files. If the phone doesn't respond to the computer and itunes then I would be afraid it could be the battery or more problems.

Att will activate any phone you want as long as it can work on their network and you pay for the data plan. I just activated a 3G on my account about a year ago for a grandparent.

Hope this helps if you have any more questions please let me know.  


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