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iPhone/What to ask when buying a used iPhone 4S?


Hi, I'm in the process of procuring a used iPhone 4S for $200. What are questions I should ask and know about prior to closing the deal?

Someone mentioned to me that I should ask: - If it's still under warranty - If it's new, replaced or refurbished. Is $200 a fair price for an iPhone 4S?

What else to ask?


I personally wouldn't pay $200.00 for an iPhone 4S. The reason is because the new iPhone 5 version should be coming to the market in the next month or two. So purchasing an iPhone 4S (which would be 2 models behind the current one) is not worth $200 in my opinion. You can get a brand new 4S for free from most of the providers today. And if it were me, I would recommend going with a new iPhone 5 when they come out. With a contract, it will likely be $199.99 for the 16GB model if history continues to repeat itself. I can't speak for any carriers and this is just my conjecture, but unless you have a very specific reason why you would prefer to get a used 4S for more than the price of a new one, please let me know. If the device is under warranty, it won't be under warranty to you, only the original owner, as an FYI. I hope this helps and I apologize for the delay in responding and hope it's not too late. Thanks.


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