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Hi (again) Taylor,

I forgot - I DID have another question to ask, if you don't mind. (I'm going to tip you for THIS one. It's long, and I know that I made it a whole lot more complicated than it really is. Sorry.)

OK, I use, as my phone, and texting, & everything, my iphone 4S, and I have a contract with it thru AT&T.

For Christmas (last year), my parents went to the ATT store, & bought me an iPhone 5. NOT an unlocked one, but one that I was planning to take over for my 4S. They told my parents, you know, that I would have to activate it, or whatever, to begin using it as my phone (to actually make & receive calls/texts, etc. with my current phone number, of course.)

Alright, I took the 5 out of the box, SKIPPED the steps at the beginning that it wants you to go through, I guess to activate it, etc..

For about a month, I took pictures & videos with it, I surfed on Safari a good bit, I just played around with the apps a little, that come ON the phone. I didn't activate the phone, I didn't download any apps or songs, or ANYTHING, or put in any passwords; I haven't touched the SIM card. I think I saved some web URL's to the desktop, changed a lot of settings (brightness, Location Services, etc.); I think I did also add my main e-mail address & maybe another address into their <the iPhone's> e-mail app (in Settings); I've also synced it a time or two, I believe.

But, again, I never have 'gotten around' to activating it - or whatever you have to do. I'm still using the 4S as my "phone-phone", and text-phone, and that kind of stuff. My phone number is of course still associated to the 4S.

I know this is easy for you, but I have NO CLUE what to do now (and my parents SURE don't, either).

Since all I've done is play around with the 5, and I have never officially activated it (my parents don't have any idea what they did at the store - whether they signed a contract, or activated anything, or what. All they know is that they paid for it & brought it home (I think, actually, they ordered it, & it came to me in the mail - because the store was out of them.)

So, it's still in the box, all nice and brand-new-like; I'm going to do whatever you do to 'reset' it, so it's just like it was when I took it out of the box - "default everything", no bookmarks, or history, or e-mail - again,  just like brand new. (I'm NOT going to attempt to sell it as literally 'brand-new, though - I'm going to say that I've, you know, played around with it a little, but 'it hasn't even been activated, and is in "almost-brand-new condition".'

BUT, is there anything that I need to do before I sell it, anything with AT&T, or ANY kind of 'un-activation', or 'activation',or it being associated (the serial number, or sim card, etc.), with my parents' name, or my name, or my ph.number, or ANYTHING like that?

I couldn't just sell the phone to somebody, (as if it were completely unlocked, unassociated with any person, or their number, like I had just bought it off of ebay, etc..) I couldn't just sell it right now, could I? I guess if I did, that person could just activate it, in my name, & with my number, right?

I plan on using the money that I get for the 5, to buy a 5S (which, this time, I WILL immediately activate, to make it my regular phone, w/calling, texting, etc.)

HOW, though, do I go about doing this? Do I call AT&T, or Apple, or keep the SIM card when I sell it? How do I, not knowing WHAT my parents did exactly, when they bought it, (except I KNOW that they did NOT buy a $600 or $700 unlocked phone, with no contract).

How do I smoothly sell this 5, then buy a 5S at AT&T, (and I'm sure that I'll have to do a new contract, or extend mine, or whatever - that's fine), and then activate the 5S, as if I never even had GOTTEN the 5??

*If you REALLY want me to make things complicated, now that I'm thinking more about the whole situation, HERE'S how we've actually done the contracts all along: [And oddly to me, EACH TIME, it works].
OK, my mother had an iPhone 3GS and with it, I guess like a 2-yr or 3-yr contract. I didn't even have a phone. When the 4 came out, I wanted it, so AT&T let her add ME to her account (which I am STILL ON, NOW). So, it's my mother's acct, with two different phones - each with a different number. So, she has the 3S, and I have the 4, at this point.

Then, when the 4S came out, not too long after that, I wanted that one, so my mother went to the AT&T store. By THIS time, HER contract was up,  i think, but mine wasn't nearly up, of course. <I'm just realizing right now that maybe it WAS/IS just ONE contract - with 2 phones on it, although they DO send stuff sometimes saying, "" is due for an upgrade!" and things like that.> ANYWAY, withOUT having to fork out a lot of cash, my MOTHER got a 4, and I got a 4S. <She didn't care about having the 4S.> So, even though MY phone number wasn't due for an upgrade, they let us sort of "trade eligibility", I guess. So, my mother got a 4, with her same number assoc'd with it, and I got a 4S, with MY same number attached to it. I think she did have to pay $2 or $300 - something like that. I don't know - NEVER a FORTUNE, though.

THEN, when my parents went at Christmas this last year, AT&T let them do, I guess, pretty much the exact same thing. I think they paid like a couple hundred dollars, 2-300, I'm again not sure, but they gave them <or ordered> the '5' for me, and I guess 'switched' plans, again.

The difference THIS time, was that I never did activate the 5. My phone number and everything is still associated with the 4S.

So, now, I hope that getting the 5S will go relatively smoothly AGAIN, and they will let us, I guess "switch eligible numbers," making MINE the one to pay the $199 or $299, etc, and I can get the 5S, like we've BEEN doing.....IF I can JUST figure out how NOT to screw-up the selling of this 5, and "un-associate it" with EVERYTHING about ME, and my mother, FIRST!

Did you understand a THING that I said?? Sorry - Like I said, I'm sure that I made it way overly-complicated.

I apologize for such a long, 'discombobulated' question (or about 50, rolled into one).

Again, I plan to tip you w/Paypal for THIS one, if you can even understand what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot!


Mike,Im going to do my best to answer all your questions,If I miss any or answer them wrong just reply back and ill try to explain everything. lol

Ok so for selling your iphone 5 I recommend meeting the buyer at an att store. The reason for this is a lot of people that sell iphones or any phone for the matter are either stolen or bricked. Basically what this means is if you go and buy a phone from someone and that phone turns out to be reported stolen you are now out of your money and a dead phone because once the phone is reported stolen the phone cant be used or activated unless the person that reported it calls in and reports it found. Now with that being said since your legitimately have the iphone 5 and are selling it you still want to meet the buyer at an att store so the att store can confirm the phone is not reported stolen and is in working order,this is to cover you as a seller so later down the road the buyer cant say you sold him a stolen phone. ( With being said,I am in now way a lawyer,This is just my oppinion and how I sell my phones to a 3rd party).

Now when your mom got the iphone 5 she probably had gotten it on a contract on either her line or yours. I would recommend her calling att (she will have to do it since its her account,unless your authorized on the account) and asking them to see if either or your lines are eligible for a FULL discount on an iphone. I say FULL because you may be up for a partial discount but you will still be paying around 450 dollars to get the phone on a two year contract. You want a FULL discount because that will get you the phone at the 199/299 price. But heres the catcher,apple and att have strict rules where you MUST wait a certain period to be eligible for a discount for an iphone. Its an apple rule. Also att just upped there early upgrade dates from 20 months to 23 or 24 months? I dont recall the exact month increase but it was longer.

You can also look into att next,this program is where you walk into att say you want the iphone 5S and you get the phone and walk out,you dont pay anything,no upgrade fee,no money for the phone. How you do pay is in monthly installments on your att bill around 35 dollars for an iphone I believe and you pay it off for a year,after the year you trade in your iphone 5S to att and get the iphone 6 or whatever phone you want. That may be something for you if your like me and want the newest phone every year.

With all this being said,you can also trade in your iphone 5 to att and or apple and get credit towards the new iphone 5S. This way it will save you the hassle of meeting with someone you dont know and getting scammed. Thats how I do all my cell phone trades now. I usually go to bestbuy and get a giftcard to the store. Bestbuy is pretty good on the amount of money they give,but you may want to go into att and apple to see how much money they will give you for the phone.

I will include a link to best buy trade in site and that will give you an estimate on what you will be making from BB.
Just go into any bestbuy mobile store and they can do the trade in,make sure you know the prices the website gives you,because since you barely used it you should get top dollar for it,and I've caught multiple Bestbuy reps tying to give me money for the phone being just OK while it was in pristine condition and once I called them out on it they changed the price because I knew what the phone is worth.

I hope I answered all your questions,If your still confused or have anymore please feel free to ask. Also thank you for tipping as it does help me out a lot! Thank you !  


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