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my friend bought me a second hand iphone 5 online, which I pick up tomorrow. What questions should I ask...apparently there are some scuffs on the phone, but the owner said this happens with all iphones. It has os 7. 16 g
I would like to know what I should ask or look for before I pay for it.

thank you


ANSWER: Before you pay for this iPhone, be sure that it will work with your carrier. In the US, iPhones are locked to the carrier that they are purchased to run on and you can't just move to another carrier. Where did the iPhone come from? Does it run on the GSM network in Australia? Not sure how much you paid for it, but considering the new iPhone 5S just came out, that iPhone 5 that is a year old isn't worth much more than $100 to $150 in my opinion. I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: they want $635 dollars for it

Personally, I think that is way too much money. You can buy a brand new iPhone 5 without a contract for less than that. Especially if it's not in pristine condition and even if it was, that is still way too much money. Shame on them for trying to sell that device for that much money. I hope you aren't stuck having to buy it and have an out. I hope this helps.


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