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iPhone/Cell phone in Australia


QUESTION: I have a Verizon iPhone 5s and am going to Australia for 30 days. I understand I can get a SIM in Australia. All I want is phone in AU and app/Internet.

Is this the least expensive way to get cell service in AU?

Does AU service extend to New Zealand or do I have to change the SIM again with a new carrier?

ANSWER: The iPhone that you have will not work in Australia with an Australian SIM card. This device is SIM locked to the Verizon network. You would want to contact Verizon and ask them if they can SIM unlock the device for you. If you have had it for less than 24 months, they may not be willing to do this. Since the 5S came out this past summer, that means the device is at oldest 7 months or so. Most carriers won't unlock an iPhone until the contract is fulfilled. Double check with them anyway to be certain. If they can't unlock it, I would recommend you just get a phone in Australia and use it there. They have phone sthat can be used that way that should not cost you very much. You would have to check to see if it could be used in New Zealand also. I'm not sure of that. I hope this helpls. Thanks.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the input.

If I can get the phone unlocked, would that be the least expensive way of getting phone service in AU? I have a contract with Verizon with 3 phones so they might unlock it.

Kirk Greiner

ANSWER: I would say yes that would be the least expensive route, yes. The best to you. Thanks.

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QUESTION: Since asking you the previous question, I visited my Verizon store and they said that the iPhone 5s is NOT locked and that I could merely replace the SIM in Australia. I note that online people are offering to unlock iPhone 5s which seems inconsistent with what Verizon is telling me.

While writing this, I called Verizon Global services and they confirmed that Apple iPhone 5S is delivered unlocked so no unlocking is necessary.

Thank you for the update. I was not aware that Verizon was selling iPhone 5S's unlocked by default. That is definitely new news for me. Thanks for letting me know. I will check out the stores in my area and see if this is the case everywhere. Sorry that I didn't know this. This is very new, evidently. Best of luck in your travels.


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