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We have a camper that sets on the side of a hill at our campgrounds.  There is no wifi available.  The camper is permanently in place and is enclosed by a metal roof.  We get very poor reception with our IPhones and IPads especially under the enclosure.  Does anyone make an antenna that I could install on the outside of the enclosure that would boost the signal for our IPhones and IPads?  Our carrier is AT&T.  Thanks.

Doug, The metal roof from your camper is actually absorbing the signal causing you to get very bad to no service. This also doesn't help if your already in a poor service area. ATT does make a product called a MicroCell. It plugs into your broadband network and emits a cell signal right from the device. I don't recall the exact price,but I do know their is monthly charges. Also I do believe if ATT could see you were in a bad area they would give you the Microcell for free,I don't know if they still do this but they did back in 2010 cause my family received one. Also you can download the "Mark My Spot" app from ATT that will mark where your having signal issues and such. The data goes to the ATT engineers for them to work on the problem. Thats one of the first apps I download,all problems I have reported it takes about 2 weeks and they seem to fix it. And customer service can see the Logs you report so I recommend running the app a few times and submitting the data before you call so they can see you have no to poor service.

Hope this helps, If you have any more questions please feel free to ask! Have a great day!  


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