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We have a camper that sets on the side of a hill at our campgrounds.  There is no wifi available.  The camper is permanently in place and is enclosed by a metal roof.  We get very poor reception with our IPhones and IPads especially under the enclosure.  Does anyone make an antenna that I could install on the outside of the enclosure that would boost the signal for our IPhones and IPads?  Our carrier is AT&T.  Thanks.

You can try a booster and if the signal is strong enough outside of your camper, it may be able to amplify it into the camper. There aren't any boosters that are officially endorsed by the carriers and typically the only way to get signal where there isn't one close is through what is called a MetroCell. These can be expensive and you typically have to have special phone numbers that are associated with them, but it may be worth a try. Contact AT&T and ask them about any boosters that they would recommend and approve of and also ask about whether a MetroCell would be an option. I hope this helps and best of luck.


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