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iPhone/iOS8 Continuity


QUESTION: I am about to switch from Android to iPhone. My wife and I already use iPads and the iOS8 Continuity feature that links iPhones to iPads and makes them speakerphones is appealing.

As I understand it, the 4S can use *some* features of Continuity including the linked phone feature and I've seen some people on message boards say they're already doing just that.

My question is, if I try to link 3 phones (two 4S and a 5S) to two iPads, am I likely to experience any performance issues? Will it be dependent on my wi-fi network or the T-Mobile network reception in my house?

ANSWER: Theo,good question. First of all this feature is amazing and I use it all the time. The iPad MUST be on a wifi connection at all times for this feature to work,if the iPad is not on wifi it won't ring at all,even if it's on LTE. Now having multiple devices under one Apple ID will give you problems. For example my whole family is under my Apple ID, what happend at first is when any of the 4 iPhones in the house rang my iPad would ring also because they were under my account even though they had different phone numbers. What I had to do is go to all my family members devices and turn this feature off so the iPad will only ring when my phone rings. Now if this is ok with you and you want it to ring with any phone,it will tell you on the iPad screen which phone the phone call is coming from.  If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your reply. I assume with two iPads and 3 iPhones all under the same Apple ID both iPads should ring whenever any of the 3 numbers are called (unless I turn them off) assuming they are connected to the same wi-fi network?

I guess if I have performance issues I can upgrade my router which is probably close to 10 years old.


ANSWER: Yep that is correct. Your should be all set!

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QUESTION: Is it safe or advisable to charge iPhones with iPad chargers? I've read conflicting opinions.

You are safe. I do so with my iPhone. In fact your iPhone will charge faster. The iPhone has a chip built it that will not allow it to charge to fast and will stop the charge completely if there is a problem or when it's done charging. That's why if you ever have a damage cable you will see the "not charging" text where the charging symbol should be.  


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