I have a iPhone 4 which is about six months old.  I noticed as of
late I am losing some of my contact phone numbers.  I have gone
to itunes for the purpose of adding aps and phone syncs every time
I do it and I'm told that all info is stored somewhere. However
I have no idea where.  First, I would like to know where are these
stored, and if so, who do I retrieve them.  Secondly, if they are
not stored, I would like to store the numbers that are presently
in my iPhone.  I would like to print a copy and save same.  I
noticed once in awhile when composing an e mail and I click on
"contacts", I will get my contact list that has the numbers. I
have no idea why that pops up and should have thought quicker and
make a copy then.  Thirdly, there is a update available for my
iPhone, 7 I think but my son tells me not to update it as I will
just have problems. Thanks for your help and appreciate you
volunteering your expertise.

Robert, When you sync you phone to your computer,iTunes matches all the contacts thats on your computer. So if you delete a contact on the computer it will also delete on your phone. Do you have iCloud set up? If you do this is where all your contacts and info will be stored stoping you from having these problems.

Go to settings,iCloud,and make sure your contacts and back ups are turned on. That should fix your problems of loosing contacts.

iOS 7 is apples newest OS for the iPhone. Its a great OS but on the iPhone 4 it does slow it down some. But as apps evolve they will require iOS 7 to install them. So I would recommend installing it on your phone. The Pros outweigh the Cons. You get better security such as if your phone is ever stolen someone can't just plug it into another computer and restore it. In order to restore and iPhone on iOS 7 you need to know the Apple ID. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and it still runs great,you just notice a few slow downs switching apps and such.

If you have any more questions or need any more help please feel free to ask!  


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