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QUESTION: We have a camper at a lake that is covered by a metal roof.  My wife and I both have IPhones and she has an IPad.  We get very poor coverage when using these devices at the lake.  Do they make any kind of an antenna that I could put on top of the structure that would pull in the signal better?  We are on AT&T.  Thanks.

ANSWER: Doug, Yes Att has what is called a Microcell. Basically this attaches to the Internet and rebroadcast a cell signal for your phones. I can't really recommend anything if you don't have Internet at the camper as all the third party cell boosters are in my opinion junk and don't work. The Microcell does require an additional plan but could be waived by att if they determine the coverage in your area is diminished. I will include a link to the Microcell. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

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QUESTION: The problem is that we do not have internet service at the lake.  Any other suggestions?

I'm including a link for some cell signal boosters. I can't guarantee it will work. Basically the metal roof is absorbing the cell signal, these boosters will grab the signal before it hits your metal roof and deliver it to your phone. Now if you have poor signal to begin with these won't do much good. The only way to fix thay is Att putting a tower in that area. Hope this helps. Good luck


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