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QUESTION: I have an iPhone 4s on ios 7 and imessage has been giving me lots of problems. I have tried everything and am about to resort to restoring my phone to its factory settings to try and remove the bug. My question is, if I do this, will it affect my phone service? I am on Page Plus Cellular, which is a no contract carrier and I didn't buy my phone through them. If I do erase my iPhone, will I have to reestablish myself on their network?

ANSWER: Maggie, What is going on with iMessage maybe I can help fix it without you having to do the restore. Do you know if your phone is unlocked or not? If it is then you should have no problem connecting back to the service after you restore. If the device is not unlocked then you will not be able to get the phone back on the service as the APN settings will be wiped clean. Hopefully we don't have to come to that as Im hoping we can fix the bug that is causing the issues.

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QUESTION: My iMessage works occasionally, and with only a select few people. Sometimes I can send texts and pictures using it and receive iMessages, but a lot of times I have to send them as regular texts. I have also not been receiving a lot of iMessages from other people. I have iMessage on my mac, but I don't get those missed messages even on my computer.
I have tried resetting my network settings multiple times, turning iMessage on and off, resetting my iPhone in general, and all the other little tricks, but nothing has worked.
I keep hoping that one of Apple's updates will fix it, but nothing so far. Any suggestions you have would be GREATLY appreciated.

ANSWER: Maggie,I want you to try something. Try turning on wifi and use iMessage on your wifi network and see if that works.

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QUESTION: I usually use wifi exclusively. I rarely have my 3G turned on, as to not burn through my data. So most of my problems with imessage still occur when I'm on wifi.

Maggie,Sorry for the delayed response been very busy today. Spring clean up day lol. I just looked up your cell provider and it is not an authorized provider for the iPhone. What this means is your phone had been either Jailbroken and then unlocked or just simply Unlocked.  We can't tell if its been factory unlocked since you bought the phone 2nd hand, What you can do is call Apple and give them the IMEI and Serial Number and they should be able to tell you if the phone is unlocked. If it is then you are free to restore the device and it will reactivate no problems,Now if its a jailbreak or been unlocked by any other means once you do a restore the phone will be locked back on what ever carrier it was shipped for and it will be a bear to be unlocked again since you weren't the original buyer of the phone. So I recommend calling Apple and see if they can tell you how its been unlocked. Also you may want to call your Cell Provider and see if all the settings are set correctly on their end also, iMessage uses data to send text messages,if their is an APN not set up correctly that can be preventing messages from sending and receiving.

Me personally I don't care for iMessage because its just a bear to use for reasons like this especially if you change to a different phone such as android or windows its a major pain getting all your iPhone contacts to send you a text without it trying to send as iMessage. lol

Hope this helps and good luck,I have never hear of this type of problem before, if you live by an apple store you may want to make an appointment and have them check out the phone to, They have a software that can detect any type of problems and even check to see if iOS is corrupted this can save you a heart ache if Apple or your cell provider can't tell you how your phone was unlocked.

Good luck and please let me know how this worked out or if you have any more questions!


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