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I have an ipad mini Retina and iphone 4S (16GB). If I want to do a complete, clone/mirror backup of the devices, is itunes my best bet? I know you can get software that will 'decipher' the jumbled formats of a lot of the iTunes backed-up files, if you want to.

But I've seen a lot of software - both shareware and freeware - (most are reputable, and not crapware), that will backup ALL the files ("everything" - apps / pics / vids / music / notes / all SMS msgs / Contacts / Voicemails / e-mail / voice recordings / downloaded books & mags / podcasts / bkmarks & history from Safari AND the other aftermkt downloaded browsers / data from my <MANY> downloaded apps / log files / etc... EVERYdamnTHING, basically. I'm obsessive - big-time, obviously. LOL)

Do you happen to know if some of these programs (maybe even a particular program that you might know of) that backs up MORE data and files than iTunes?

Or, does iTunes pretty much clone the entire iphone, etc, so if I got a brand new iPhone 4S, I could import the itunes-backed-up data (say 10GB) from the old phone, and import it into the new phone, and not even notice that it was a different phone?

(Or does itunes not backup SOME files - for whatever reason(s)?)

I'm sorry for babbling - I basically just wondered if YOU knew of the best method/software to backup my iphone & ipad, without worrying about losing anything. (I COULD have just said THAT.)

I appreciate your help a lot.


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Andy, iTunes is your best bet. iTunes will make an exact clone of you phone and all data. I can't speak for other software as I haven't used any third party software. You can use iCloud to manage your back ups,every night if your phone is plugged in it will back up your phone to keep your back ups fresh. I have upgraded to many new iPhones and restored from back ups,and I was not able to tell a difference. It puts all your apps back to where they were and data in the games is preserved. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.  


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