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QUESTION: I am trying, for 1st time to copy photos from my iphone (5c) to a flash drive. As I open DCIM folder, another folder appears which has the photos, but not all of them. I suspect the photos that aren't included are the ones transferred from my Samsung phone to the iphone when I purchased it last year. I can view the photos on my iphone, but not transfer them to the flash drive. Is there something I can do to copy and print those photos or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Ed, how did you transfer the photos from your samsung phone to your iPhone? How are you viewing the photos on your iPhone?  If you can anser these it will greatly help me. Thank you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Taylor, the Sprint store where I bought the iphone transferred the photos, so I don't know the specifics. I view the photos the same way as recent photos by clicking on the "photos" icon. One difference I see is that "delete" is not an option on the transferred photos. Since my initial request I decided to copy, then text each pic to myself, so now I can put them on a flash drive, but I cannot delete the originals. Any ideas? Thanks again.

What it sounds like they did was copy your pictures from your android onto their computer and then in itunes move the pictures from the folder to your iPhone. So right now your iPhone is now looking for that folder from the sprint store which is why you dont see a delete button. Basically your iPhone will mimic what ever pictures are in that folder so if you added a picture,the next time you synced your iPhone the phone will then add that picture. Hopefully I explained that well. lol

Since you dont have access to that folder because it was at the sprint store what you did was the easiest way by texting them to yourself. There are 3rd party software options that will allow you to copy everything from your iPhone,I can only recommend a Mac software as I only have Macs the software is called PhoneView. You can copy anything from files,to texts to pictures. I recommend that app if you have a mac.

I hope this helps,if you need any more help please feel free to ask.  


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