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Hi there DebiN, I would like some advise on how to sell my iPhone 5s 64gb. Basically, I dropped my iphone in the kitchen sink last week. At first it had charging issues but after a day the charging problem resolved itself. I took it to apple (Genius Bar) and the store representative opened the back cover of the iPhone and confirmed the two lower liquid contact indicators were in red, indicating that iPhone came in contact with liquid.

Now the man in the apple shop said, that I have two options, 1. Continue to use the iPhone as it is until it no longer functions properly or 2. Have it replaced at a cost of 209.

I decided to keep it and want to sell it privately. How can I word this in the advert? Please asvise.

Thank you.

The only problem here is that you likely won't be able to get too much money for this if you try to sell it due to the water damage. You may not agree, but I would recommend keeping the phone and continuing to use it until it stops working and then buy a new phone. You may be fortunate and the device will last without issue for a long time. I really wouldn't recommend trying to sell it because I just don't think people would be interested in a water damaged iPhone. However, if you are set on doing this, just make sure that you state in your advert that the phone has water damage and the indicator is showing red. I hope this helps. Thanks.


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