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iPhone/!!! Question ab Lost iPhone !!!


Hi Taylor,

I lost my iphone 4S a month ago. I did not unfortunately have "FindMyIphone" working, or Loc. Services enabled, etc..,  so I thought it was crushed (long story - thought I had dropped it on a highway).

NOW, a month later, somebody is ANSWERING IT!! And I am FREAKING OUT. My LIFE was on that phone!! I even had a $1000 reward out for it.

They hang up on me when I call. They don't even say "Hello" - They just like go "HMM.."

PLEASE help me figure out WHO, or HOW, to triangulate the location of the phone!! My service is AT&T - it's still activated (strangely, they haven't made any calls on it), but my phone # is still activated.

Do you think AT&T can locate it? (Money isn't an issue - I'll pay anybody anything to triangulate it - or ANY WAY they can locate it!!

Thanks a lot!!

Mike,Without find my iphone it would be really hard to track the phone. You can try ATT Family Map this feature uses the cell towers to triangulate where your phone is at but it can be a few hundred meters off. But it will atleast give you an general location. WIth this being said I can not suggest you locate your phone by yourself and suggest bringing it up with your local Police Department and let them search for it.

The ATT family map will only work if the original sim is in the phone and is still linked to your account.

Other than that there is NO other way you can locate the phone.

Here is the link to ATT family map :

Hope this helps!  


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