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iPhone/Flashing Light Alert or Notification


I have two questions re using apps on my iPhone 5.  Both ultimately have to do with using flashing light...

1.  Presently I use both audio and vibrate to alert me to an incoming call but inevitably I will unknowing shift the silence button on the side of the phone and won't know it.  My friend's iPhone flashes a light and I'd like to do this but can't discover how.  Can you tell me how to make that flashing light work?  I can find this out of course but will the flashing light work even when the sound is silenced?

2.  We use "find my friends" and I'd like to better utilize "Notify Me" (when friend arrives or leaves a given address.  As is, I get informed thru my notifications but it'd work better for me if there was an audio or vibrate or ideally a flashing light to alert me.  Can this be done?   Can I instruct the app to notify me through VM or text or even email?

Ty for your patience and assistance!

Theresa, To have your camera flash on alerts go to Settings,General,Accessibility,LED Flash for Alerts. This will flash your camera LED on phone calls,Text messages,ETC.

As far as using the Find my Friends app to text you or leave a VM this cant be done as of right now,

Hope this helps,If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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