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iPhone/Passcode attemps b4 Lock OUT ERASURE


QUESTION: Iphone5 was stolen yesterday. How many 4 digit entrys befor Lock out n data erasure? Also I have "find my phone" activated. This morning it appears they turned it "on" for bout 5 mins and then turned the phone back off. If they tryed 8 attemps, n were caused to wait, n they were to turn the phone "off" after the 8th attempt, does the counter of minutes continue after being turned off, or do they resume when the phone is turned back "on". Hopefully the phone would not accept an immediate 4 digit code, once turned back on tomorrow. As it would be helpful if when it's turned back "on" the phone would not accept any digits.  Can you clear this up with me?  Tks  ......  Wm.

ANSWER: You have 10 attempts before the phone will delete all data on the iPhone,but this setting must be enabled for it to erase the data. The 10 attempts counts if the phone is turned of as well. Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I understand the 10 Attemps.  I need to know if the "minutes" delay after the 8th attempt continue if they turn the phone OFF imediately after the 8th attempt, or does the minute counter "stop" when the phone is turned off, and resume the countdown once again when the phone is turned back ON.
Or, if it is turned on 12 hours after being turned off, can the thief attempt a 9th try immediately?  
Maybe I am more clear now.  Thank You!

The phone must be on for the countdown timer to be active. This way it will give you a chance to be able to track down the phone. If you have the latest version of iOS installed then whoever stole it wont be able to do much with the phone anyhow,if if your phone does erase itself it will remained locked until your apple ID is entered. Basically the thief stole an expensive brick for all hes concerned.  


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