I use my dad's old iphone (possibly 3, the one that can only take picture can not record video) . However a week ago it accidentally fell into a bucket full of water. I took it up as quickly as I could and dried it with a hair dryer and kept it vertically so that the water could get out. I connected it to my laptop via usb so but no progress. Even after doing everything I could think of it does not start. How can I start it without visiting any technicians ? And if it can't start how can I take all my pictures from it ? Does it have some kind of memory that can be taken off and connected to a computer ? Please help me. Those pictures were really valuable to me. Thank You.

Paul,putting the phone in a bag of rice in a hot car for a few hours or a day would of been better. Basically as soon as the phone hit the water there is a good chance the phone shorted out. If the phone still doesn't come on I'm sorry to say it's done. A speciality store MAY be able to pull the pictures from the phone but it's not likely as its flash storage and could of shorted out as well. If you backed up the phone lately it,the back up will contain the photos. Sorry to bring the bad news. Hope you have a better week.  


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