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iPhone/wifi vs data


Can you provide a simple overview when one uses from their "data" pkg when deciding what service tier one would need when using a smart phone?

My friend has an iPhone and subscribes to one of the major carriers (he says) for cell service only - he says he does not have any data on his plan.  He says if he uses data he will gwt charged for it so he avpids the internet on his phone.  

I have lousy credit so must use prepaid services and everyone Ive encountered required me to purchase at least a minimum data pkg with any plan when I was activating a smart phone, So I am surprised he was able to subscribe to any service using a smart phone without a minimum data plan.

Still I am under the impression one does not incur data charges while on a wifi network...  that one uses data when wifi is not available and the phone, identifying this and provided phone settings allow,  chooses then to go to internet via the phone provider's cellular network.  Like you can choose between accessing the internet using wifi - which is free - or your providers cellular network (LTE) which incurs charges or counts to your data plan.     Is this correct?

Is texting part of data or cellular?

So text uses the voice network so you don't need data for standard SMS messages but MMS messages which would be sending pictures does use the data network and if you had data blocked you couldn't send pictures or anything other than straight text. Wifi does not require data and you don't need a data plan to use WIFi. You phone just has to have Wifi ability. iPhones are smartphones and require a data plan with all carriers so your friend has to have some type of data plan. The average user who isn't streaming video which is watching something in real time typically doesn't need more than about 2GB of data a month. Hope this helps and answers your question  


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