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iPod/iPod nano frozen in 'Disk Mode'


Inavab wrote at 2007-08-28 09:35:10
1. make sure you have full battery life

2.toggle the hold swith

3. press down the select and menu keys for about 15 seconds  

linda wrote at 2007-12-10 04:32:58
I had the same problem, and have to say thank you so solution worked for me.

re re wrote at 2007-12-10 06:56:05
thank u 4 that

now I know how to stop I pod from being frozen

thanks from re re

happy girl wrote at 2008-05-22 21:31:41
I had this very same problem and Loren's solution worked perfectly - I am up and running-- thank you, Loren!

imalone wrote at 2009-10-29 06:19:40
Thanks! This same thing has happened to my iPod classic (yes, it IS still working!) and the fix did the trick.

June wrote at 2010-01-15 01:18:29
My Nano froze in "Disc Mode" with the large check mark and "ok to disconnect" like the original poster.  Loren's advice to press the center button and top "MENU" button at the same time worked!  Thank you Loren!

mat wrote at 2012-11-05 09:55:13
OK this doesn't work for me, so what next? Still frozen in Disk Mode. By the way, I tried to enter Disck Mode as my Ipod was having problems. I formatted it, but now cannot add music. I thought Disck Mode might help to clean it up, but it's just frozen in it, and I cannot do anything with it now.


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