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QUESTION: Our museum was given a cannonball the donor has said is a "Prussian Musket" cannonball. I have been unable to verify this. It is an odd shape. 9 3/8" circumference x 2 6/8" H x 2 3/4" dia. It is flat on the bottom with a large indentation. Solid with almost straight sides except for a band 7/8" around the bottom and a domed top. It has not been weighed. This was found in an area that had been bombarded during the Civil War.

ANSWER: Any chance of getting a picture?

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QUESTION: Yes i have three jpg files

Sorry I don't see my answer.  I am sorry the best definition I could find is from excuse me “Wikipedia”. “Shot was a solid projectile that included no explosive charge. For a smoothbore, the projectile was a round "cannonball". For a rifled gun, the projectile was referred to as a bolt and had a cylindrical or spherical shape. In both cases, the projectile was used to impart kinetic energy for a battering effect, particularly effective for the destruction of enemy guns, limbers and caissons, and wagons…”.  I am certain what you have a bolt but never have seen this  kind before I can only assume it is for the piece described by your donor though I believe he is talking about a 10 or 12 lb. Prussian cannon.  It is out of expertise, but I would put money on it.  I know during the war the Confederacy was always turning up with some odd caliber or one of a kind artillery piece.  Sorry for the delay in responding, if I can better the response I will be in touch. Gary.

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