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"My grandmother gave me some military stuff I want more info on and an approximate value.

The first item is an original unused application to join the Grand Army of the Republic, it appears to be fully intact and I believe it is from the late 1800s

The second item is a promotion document promoting a man to corporal during the civil war. It is for a Michigan based Regiment I believe.

The third is an old book bound with a single piece of string. Its fully intact and it is titled Poor Richards almanac for 1856 & has a sketch of Benjamin Franklin on the cover. It was published by Brother Jonathan out of New York

If you could help me identify and put a value on these items I would appreciate it very much."

Sorry David there are too many variables to provide even a guess for these items, (not that I could anyway) especially without being seen.  I would find me a local appraiser or auction house take them in, the paper items should not be handled without gloves or exposed to light and kept separated by acid free plastic, glass or paper.

One of the places sites, I have heard good things about is listed below, they offer free appraisals, but from what you described I don't think there is anything significant.  Again if anyone tells you they can provide you a estimate without actually seeing the documents (not picture) I would not trust that opinion.  Best of luck. Gary.

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