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Select all that apply. As the Civil War progressed badly for the North, what are three things that plagued Lincoln?

The war was going to be over before his reelection bid.
Union morale was eroding away with each passing day.
He could not find a strong, suitable military leader.
Northern forces could not find a way to defeat Lee.
The North was running out of ways to finance the war.

You won't like it but please allow me to be a parent for a minute?  You would learn a lot more if you read the piece and answered this!  Saying that the answer is b, c and e.  If you want to look good in class tell your teacher depending what date of the war he was asking the answer could change as one could argue that "d" is correct.  Tell your friends if they want to get extra credit and open that door for college read this section and point out the mistakes; for example a young lady asked me who was the one person who was hanged for "war Crimes"?  I know what the book says Wirtz (Commander of the POW camp Andersonville) but there were many not one.  She ended doing all the mistakes and ended up changing her attitude toward studying.  Be careful out there!

I read the question wrong you could say Beat Lee but Lincoln knew he had found some one who could beat Lee; Grant.  

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