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The confederate army could kill any member of the 54th Massachusetts, black or white. Why?<3

I am sorry your question does not make sense. The scenario you described answers itself the personnel are foes, of course they can shoot anyone of any colour. If what you are fishing for did the Confederacy treat blacks differently?  Yes, there were times when they did. However, unless you take the time to study the records you would never learn that white union soldiers shot their fellow  black soldiers on more than one occasion. The congressional hearing on the Fort Pillow incident cleared General Forrest of any wrong doing. (In fact it cleared him of any connection with the Klan). It was speculated the union manufactured the story about a massacre to entice the black soldiers to fight.  It must have worked as several times afterwards the Afro-Americans would kill all the Confederate prisoners. Eventually the union officers had to restrain their men.

Again if this did not answer your question feel free to let me know. Please bear with me my computer is down I am having to use my phone. I did not have a mustache when I started trying to reply.

Ok, I have access to a computer again.  Does that answer your question or did I confuse you?  The reason the Confederates or a remember of the 54th could could shoot anyone on the other side is because they were the enemy.  I don't think that is what you meant to ask and would like to to answer your question.  Please feel free to rephrase.  Be safe.

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